Security starts with Visibility

Rapidly understand how your employees work and surface unknown risk across your organization.


Eliminate the Browser
Blind Spot

Your employees spend up to 90% of their day in a web browser accessing sensitive systems and data.

  • Blindspot to security tools: Traditional security measures fail to capture all browser-based activities, leaving significant gaps in enterprise defenses.

  • Insight Deficiency: The lack of comprehensive insights into browser usage hampers the ability to fully grasp potential vulnerabilities

  • Strain on Security Teams: Security teams face challenges with inefficiently triaging and controlling browser-based activities, diverting valuable resources and time.

Keep Aware addresses a critical gap in the browser, providing the visibility needed to uncover hidden threats. Enhanced insights empower end users to work securely, ensuring compliance and productivity, while security teams gain the clarity to effectively safeguard the organization against evolving risks.

Elevate Your Security Posture
with Comprehensive Browser Visibility

What does is mean to have browser visibility?


Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

Instantly identify and respond to any browser-based activity across any standard web browser.  Gain comprehensive insights into unknown and known risks, and swiftly address threats to your employees. 



In-Depth Behavior Analytics

Uncover patterns, unusual activity, and threats in real-time, ensuring continuous employee-facing protection for your organization.


Reporting for High Risk Browser Activity

Automate reporting for comprehensive insight and transparency into high risk employees and activity. Track file transfers, SaaS sprawl, shadow IT, and work credential usage with crystal-clear visibility.



Risk Scoring and Prioritization

Swiftly identify and focus on the most pressing browser-based activities. Streamline security operations for employee-facing threats such as phishing, social engineering, and malicious browser extensions.

Visibility is just one requirement for a secure browser

Discover why enabling your team with browser security
is the next important security initiative

Protect your employees where they work — the web browser

Discover how to transform any browser from a blind spot to a pivotal security control. Keep Aware turns everyday browsing into a proactive security experience, safeguarding against emerging threats in real time.

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