Introducing Keep Aware

Keep Aware is focused on securing organizations through their people. To see how we make security simple for everyone, get in touch.

Our approach studies user behavior and interactions around threats in the workplace. In today’s work environments, phishing attacks, data loss and sophisticated social engineering threats still find a way to the user. Keep Aware uses a unique positive feedback loop between the user and security team to continuously train users on cybersecurity hygiene, create safe habits, and actively step in to prevent incidents.

With most of our critical business functions taking place through a browser, and a growing need for solutions that offer visibility for modern workforces, we’ve started by securing the browser. This level of visibility and influence on a secure work environment will significantly improve an organization’s web security posture and contribute to a zero trust approach.

We have a growing number of deployments, but we’re still looking for more early adopters! I’d love to show you what we’ve built and why this tech is a huge next step for securing organizations.

– Keep Aware, Ryan