A human-centric approach
to security

We recognize that security is a shared responsibility across any organization. Our solutions emphasize the human component alongside technology.

Keep Aware’s human-centric solution is a proactive and flexible approach to browser security that takes into account the unique behavior patterns of individual users and groups and adapts to new threats over time.

What drives our innovation

Keep Aware was founded in 2022 with a mission to address the critical need for proactive and flexible browser security. Our focus is to secure how people interact with technology to ensure the security of any organization. We are powered by a diverse team of security experts and backed by top tier VCs and prominent angel investors in the security industry.

Building an extension to the security team

Our team, comprised of experts in network and email security, is dedicated to being an extension of your security team. We keep you updated on the evolving browser threat landscape and continue to deliver innovative solutions.

Building solutions that prioritize safety, trust, and transparency

Our approach prioritizes the identification and mitigation of potential threats to both the organization and its individual members. We aim to foster a positive working relationship between security teams and business operations.

Building for modern work

We believe that to secure businesses today, security teams have to start by protecting where modern work lives, the web browser. Keep Aware starts by securing the browser blind spot and provides visibility and response capabilities to challenge threats organizations face every day.

Building true shared responsibility

The focus on cybersecurity has shifted from being solely reliant on the IT department to being a shared responsibility across all departments and individuals. In order to do this effectively, we have to arm people with tools and insights at the point of click.

A need for comprehensive browser security

“Keep Aware began with the realization that no matter how advanced our security technology became, or how strong a perimeter we could establish, threats still find a way to the user.

I began to understand that while a technology-based, perimeter-focused solution is still critically important, it was no longer sufficient. To effectively protect an organization in a continually evolving threat landscape, we have to better understand how people interface with technology, and the browser is the first key step.”

Ryan Boerner, CEO and Founder

Join our mission to secure the
modern workspace

Our Investors

LiveOak Venture Partners is a venture capital fund based in Austin, Texas. With over 23 years of successful venture investing in Texas, the founders of LiveOak have helped create nearly $5 billion of enterprise value. While almost all of LiveOak’s investments begin in the early stages, LiveOak is a complete life cycle investor focused on technology and technology-enabled service companies.
"The web browser has become the new Operating System for most of our work, yet security teams have near zero visibility into what happens within it and employees continue to face a barrage of threats. Keep Aware's solution fills this visibility gap and provides an innovative approach to prevent sophisticated phishing and social engineering threats."

Creighton Hicks
LiveOak Venture Partners

Backed by top-tier VCs and Cybersecurity leaders

Creighton Hicks
LiveOak Venture Partners
Ben Halpert
Chief Security Officer
Castle Black Security
Michael Sutton
Investor, Former CISO Zscaler
Runtime Ventures
Jonathan Cran
Product and Engineering Leader
David Endler
Investor, Co-Founder SpyCloud
Runtime Ventures

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