Extend granular policy to the browser

Standardize browser security controls and deploy employee-level safeguards across every web browser.


Existing security controls don't govern what happens within the browser

Lack of granular

Most legacy security solutions cannot adequately analyze what happens within the browser.


Inconsistent browser policies

Security controls for employees vary across Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers, making policy creation cumbersome and inconsistent.

Ineffective policy communication

IT Security teams struggle to clearly communicate and enforce browser policies in real-time, often only addressing issues after an incident occurs. 

Centrally manage all browser governance

How does Keep Aware centralize controls and policies across all browsers?

Comprehensive policy management

Govern the extensions, workspaces, and SaaS applications used across Chrome, Edge, Firefox and other industry-standard web browsers.

Sensitive data leakage controls

Prevent sensitive and risky copy/paste, prompts, file sharing, and credential activity without tunneling your traffic to a third-party.

Real-time policy enforcement

Prevent access to unauthorized applications within the browser and block suspicious logins, file sharing, and data entry at the point of click.

Continuous activity and risk monitoring

Identify browser-based threats immediately. Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of suspicious employee activity to effectively respond to incidents adhere to industry regulations.

Governance is just one requirement for a secure browser

Discover why enabling your team with browser security
is the next important security initiative

Protect your employees where they work — the web browser

Discover how to transform any browser from a blind spot to a pivotal security control. Keep Aware turns everyday browsing into a proactive security experience, safeguarding against emerging threats in real time.

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