Meet Keep Aware

Join us to see how Keep Aware’s human-centric solution prevents threats at the point-of-click.

Our Introduction

Our demo explores how employees can stay aware of threats throughout the workday and how Keep Aware can start protecting your organization in minutes.

Keep Aware provides a critical layer of defense for phishing, social engineering, data loss, and malicious downloads to the browsers employees use every day. IT Security teams strengthen their security posture with Keep Aware Browser Security. 


Discover the Browser Blind Spot

Discover the impact that the web browsers have on your employees’ workday and the risk that comes with them.

Our risk assessment starts with the discovery of the browser blind spot and ends with your security team gaining full visibility and threat protections over the browsers your organization uses every day.


Eliminate the browser blind spot.

Discover why enabling your team with browser security
is the next important security initiative