Safeguards for Sensitive Data and Browser Security

Safeguards for Sensitive Data and Browser Security

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Safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring secure application usage has always been a priority for cybersecurity teams. ChatGPT and other productivity tools have amplified this challenge and caused security teams to prioritize browser security as a necessary component of their security strategy.

Traditionally, security teams have either had to completely block or allow productivity applications that introduce risk to the business. Our team focuses on this problem and addressing the risk of productivity applications like ChatGPT, Dropbox, and any others that fall into this “gray area”.

Keep Aware’s newest addition enhances our browser security platform by adding capabilities that prevent sensitive data leakage and unwanted application usage. This post highlights how Keep Aware empowers security teams to gain unparalleled visibility, establish robust usage policies, and provide employees with a positive user experience that creates a fortified defense against security breaches.

Gaining Real Visibility into SaaS and Productivity Tool Usage

One of the key challenges businesses face is gaining visibility into how employees interact with applications like ChatGPT. It’s crucial to understand who is using the application and for what purposes. Keep Aware empowers organizations with the ability to monitor and track application usage in real-time. Existing approaches may show application usage based on network traffic, but Keep Aware breaks down individual activities at the browser level. This allows security teams to create robust security policy without sacrificing the benefits of technologies like ChatGPT. As with any of our approaches, it starts with visibility.

Browser Security Console: ChatGPT Application Risk View
Keep Aware Console: ChatGPT Application Risk View

By incorporating features that provide detailed usage analytics, your team gains valuable insights into the patterns and behaviors associated with ChatGPT and other sensitive applications. This newfound visibility equips your IT security team to make informed decisions about usage policies and security protocols.

Communicating Risk in Real-time

Once businesses have a clear understanding of how employees interact with applications, the next step is to communicate business policy — educate employees. These policies usually get communicated once a year or during employee onboarding along with hundreds of other tasks. However, decisions are made quickly, in the moment. Security awareness gets left behind in these critical moments. The gap between the activity and communication is the missing link in security awareness.

Browser Security Safeguard: Acceptable Usage Notice
Keep Aware Safeguard: Acceptable Usage Notice

With the creation of usage policies for any sensitive application, Keep Aware gives your security team the ability to communicate policy when it is most necessary. These policies serve as a critical line of defense against potential risks. With a human-centric approach, these policies are seamlessly integrated into the browser experience and can adapt to your company branding too!

As employees access ChatGPT or other applications, they are presented with clear, concise usage guidelines. This ensures that users are aware of the organization’s expectations and best practices, fostering a culture of responsible and secure application usage.

Protecting Sensitive & Personal Data

It’s not enough to block or allow an application. Any application use could be potentially sensitive and security teams have been faced with the challenge of managing acceptable use in the every day activities that happen within a SaaS application. Keep Aware breaks down activities to prevent threats at the point of click.

Keep Aware Safeguard: Real-time Sensitive Data Leakage

Your security team can prevent sensitive types of data from entering ChatGPT without sacrificing the employee’s experience or productivity. This feature acts as an additional layer of defense, providing real-time guidance to employees as they interact with applications. This heads-up display becomes a powerful tool in preventing inadvertent data leaks and security breaches, all while empowering employees to make informed decisions. These safeguards are implemented through Keep Aware Patterns and remain highly configurable to allow for full or partial restriction of certain threats.

Elevating Browser Security

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses must adapt and fortify their defenses in the browser. Keep Aware’s human-centric approach to browser security offers a multifaceted solution, providing visibility, implementing usage policies, and empowering employees with a seamless, secure browsing experience across all work browsers.

By leveraging these advanced features, organizations can not only enhance their security posture but also cultivate a culture of responsible technology usage. The result is a more resilient and confident workforce that engrains security into their every workday. Come see what we’ve built at Keep Aware and learn how security teams are implementing this critical line of defense.