Spotting Gaps in MFA and SSO at the Browser Level

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The latest release of the Keep Aware Browser Security platform highlights the active use of sign-in mechanisms and multi-factor authentication (MFA) usage across work accounts. This update empowers IT security teams to:

  • Gain visibility of SaaS applications used across all of their organization’s browsers, and understand which apps are being protected by single sign on mechanisms and multi-factor authentication
  • Seamlessly bring employees into the remediation process for protecting their work identity and accounts

Security teams have found it impossible to completely manage every application their employees use for business. This challenge is encouraged by various factors such as software pilots, the rise of product-led SaaS models, and the rapid adoption of new technologies aimed at bolstering productivity, including ChatGPT, spanning the vast landscape of the web.

Interestingly, both product teams and security teams have gravitated towards similar solutions to tackle the issues of authentication sprawl and Shadow IT. For product teams, the introduction of social logins has streamlined the process of utilizing work accounts for exploring or employing new applications, requiring nothing more than a couple of clicks. On the security front, we have pursued a dual mission: merging logins and extending permissions through a single entry point. Yet, some apps are beyond IT security controls, like LinkedIn, leaving employees and the tools they use for work every day as the first line of defense.

Full Visibility of Sign In and MFA Controls

Implementing an effective MFA strategy starts with visibility. Security teams need continuous monitoring of SaaS applications utilized across their digital environment. More importantly, security teams need to understand what sign-in methods are being used and measure the protection of employee accounts.

Through a simple, passive deployment to an organization’s web browsers, your security team can use Keep Aware to continuously monitor application usage across the environment and different major browsers.

Keep Aware SaaS and App Catalog

The exposure of an organization is the collective exposure of individual work accounts. It is important to catalog applications utilizing work accounts and understand the protections around them. Keep Aware quickly shows this account exposure across your environment by outlining the sign-in mechanisms used for each application. By clicking into an application, your team can correlate this information with Keep Aware’s understanding of threats, sensitive data and file sharing exposure in the app. With both pre-built and dynamic filters, and advanced search capabilities, the apps catalog enables your security team to highlight and inspect the most concerning SaaS and authentication usage.

Human-centric Security and App Risk Remediation

Now, with Keep Aware Signals, your team can smoothly implement safeguards and involve employees in the remediation or hardening of sign-in controls. This set of added functionality allows security teams to focus on making employees the first defense against the unknown.

Companies have various communication methods. Having a solution that quickly and reliably engages employees is key to maintaining security. Keep Aware Signals lets your team address gaps in MFA and sign-in controls while promoting secure best practices.

Take an example where an application like DocuSign could contain sensitive information for some users. Even if this is not a formally licensed software, Keep Aware can help the security team understand the exposure and promote hardening of the application.

Keep Aware Application Risk

Management alone is not sufficient. Security teams must have access to robust detection and prevention capabilities that enable continuous security across their browsers. Beyond detecting and alerting, Keep Aware empowers your security team to proactively involve users in the detection and prevention process.

Keep Aware signals natively supports Microsoft Teams, Slack, email and direct browser messages.

Keep Aware Notification Response

Why it Matters?

To integrate security seamlessly into your employees’ daily workflow, you have to start with where work happens. Many critical work activities occur through web browsers; they have become prime targets for attackers. Discover the power of the Keep Aware platform and its end-to-end browser security use cases to fortify your organization’s browsing experience.

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More to Keep Aware

In addition to SaaS app management capabilities, the Keep Aware Browser Security platform offers comprehensive end-to-end browser security with the following use cases:

  • Native Protections: Safeguard against both known and unknown people-targeted attacks, including credential theft, malicious extensions, and social engineering.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily connect to your existing user directories and apply fine-grained controls to specific groups, users, and browsers.
  • SaaS and Extension Risk Management: Tailor specific policy to SaaS applications and extensions to suit your organization’s unique needs.
  • Custom Detections and Prevention: Empower your security team with tools for creating custom detections and receiving alerts across the web.